Self-Defence in Kingston upon Thames - What is Choi kwang do

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Choi Kwang Do (CKD) is a revolutionary martial art, applying the basic principles of science. Using biomechanics, physiology, kinesiology and psychology, Grandmaster Choi has developed a ground-breaking modern martial art. 

The underlying elements of CKD are: self-defence, personal development and optimum health. This martial art has been proven to lower the risk of injury, generate self-awareness and promote longevity. 

To develop practical and self-defence skills in a non-aggressive, friendly and controlled environment. Students will learn with a positive reinforced approach. 

Benefits of CKD

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  1. Self-defence
  2. Blocking and Striking
  3. Yoga based stretches
  4. Scientific training
  5. Get fit
  6. Gain confidence
  7. Improve strength
  8. Personal development
  9. Self-control
  10. Have fun learning something new

Choi Kwang Do

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Choi Kwang Do was founded by a Korean man named Kwang Jo Choi.


Choi was one of the best masters in Tae Kwon Do, regularly travelling to demonstrate and help promote the participation in TKD.


Unfortunately, all the years of hyper extension and the rigid movements of traditional martial arts put a strain on Choi and he had to give up martial arts

Choi wasn’t quite ready to hang up his Dobok just yet…..

Choi researched biomechanics, physiology and scientific breakthroughs to develop CHOI KWANG DO. It was a way of still doing what he loved but with little to no stress on the body.

Choi Kwang Do literally means the art of Kwang Jo Choi.

Grandmaster Choi is the founder and is a 9th degree black belt, he is also 76 years young and continuously improves his technique and components of fitness.

Choi Kwang Do is an extremely powerful striking martial art with the strong foundations of Korean martial arts. 

A 21st century martial art, still with discipline and traditions.