martial arts instructors in Kingston upon Thames

Chief instructor Mr Pickett

david pickett martial arts kingston

I'm a third DAN black belt in Choi Kwang Do and a martial arts enthusiast. I have been training in CKD for 10+ years and still love it to this day.

The striking power of CKD is what caught my attention and once I started to learn this incredible art I started to see all the other benefits. 

 I can train at a really intense level whilst maintaining optimum health along with no injuries.

At our school I try to balance all the components of CKD whilst giving a fun and varied self-defence curriculum.

Master Instructor Mrs Pickett

manisha pickett

 Starting Choi Kwang Do at a young age gave me an opportunity to develop self awareness, confidence and self control at a great level. These skills have helped in all areas of life proving that martial arts isn't just about punching and kicking.

I was always drawn to the encouragement and fantastic mentoring/support from Instructors and wanted to be able to do the same for others with the skills I was developing, which is why I became an instructor.

Choi Kwang Do's ethics help people to realise their true potential on many platforms. Training in this art brings people together, there truly is no other art like CKD.

I absolutely love seeing the growth in our students from all walks of life, physically and mentally and hope that I'm able to do this for a lifetime.

Head Instructor Mr Dominic Pickett


Hello, my name is Dominic and I am a second Dan black belt. I started CKD at the age of 10 and became a head instructor at the age of 18. Choi Kwang Do has given me great opportunities to travel the world. In 2017 I had the pleasure of going to the 30th Anniversary of CKD in the U.S. Through this I got the chance to travel to Malaysia and complete a 6 month internship which then lead to a visit to Korea where I was able to take part in international CKD classes. These experiences have helped me grow as a person and also allows me to gain insight into the different ways in which people teach. I am incredibly thankful for all of these opportunities that I have gained from CKD and I hope to continue progressing as student and as a CKD practitioner. 



Head instructor Tia Dean


 I've been doing CKD for 12 years, and during that time I  have been fortunate enough to become a Head Instructor and a 3rd degree Black Belt. I have travelled at home and abroad for individual showcases and as part of Team GB demo team respectively. CKD has shaped me as a person and will continue to do so, it has given me confidence, great friends, and wonderful opportunities. Pil seung. 

Head instructor Andy Songhurst



My name is Andy and I am 50 years old, I have been training at Adapt Ckd since 2014.
I started with my son and daughter as a bonding exercise, I enjoyed Choi so much I became an assistant instructor, so I could assist helping others.
In December 2017 I obtained my 1st degree black belt and soon after was awarded the honour of becoming a head instructor.  Choi kwang do has enlarged my circle of friends and enriched my life. Come along and find out for yourself why CKD is so special.

Assistant Instructor Milan Patel



I am a 1st dan black belt in the martial art choi kwang do. I started choi kwang do when I was 10 years old and have been doing this martial art  for 5 years now. 

Choi kwang do has helped me gain confidence. Recently I have become an assistant instructor, which has given me responsibilities in and out of class.

The reason why I started this martial art is because of how the instructors and students made me feel so welcome.

This martial art is not just about the punching, kicking and attacking people, it is about protecting yourself.