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Kids martial arts Kingston

Give your kid the EDGE


Give your child an action-packed Kids Martial Art class at Adapt Choi Kwang Do and you're bound to witness an amazing transformation! From a new found passion for physical fitness, to steadfast discipline and unwavering self-confidence, our Kids Martial Arts classes have so much to offer.

Fun drills


At Adapt Choi Kwang Do, your child will have fun learning something new. Adapt Choi Kwang Do will teach essential life skills and build character, plus get in great physical, mental and spiritual shape!

Personal Development


With each Kids Martial Arts class at Adapt Choi Kwang Do, your child will develop poise while improving their strength, balance, coordination and self-esteem. We provide a healthy, safe, fitness-focused class that enhances every student's positive attitude and academic performance.

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Kids Classes are located at Tudor Drive

192 Tudor Drive, Tudor, Kingston Upon Thames, Greater London, England KT2 5QH, United Kingdom