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121 Training Classes

Kingston Upon Thames - Self Defence Classes and Lessons

Do you want to get in great shape, while also learning realistic self-defence moves? At Adapt CKD in Kingston, we are now offering private self-defence classes guaranteed to get you fit and toned, while keeping you and your family out of harms way. Our 121 Training is designed to build confidence in your own physical abilities and teach you real-life self-defence tactics and techniques that actually work.

at Adapt CKD, we are serious about self-defence. In the world we live in, self-defence is becoming more of an important skill to have! You will receive a personalized and tailored plan to meet your needs and preferences, making it impossible to fail. We want to see all of our students succeed and not only meet your goals, but exceed them.

Learn from the Pros at 121 Training in Kingston  

Our dedicated and experienced instructors will teach you everything there is to know about self-defence, so you never worry about your safety again. And the best part? You will see quick and lasting physical results after just a few short sessions! At 121 Training in Kingston, you have nothing to lose! We provide you with a challenging yet fun workout, a safe and friendly environment, and accountability, while you provide the hard work and dedication!

On top of rock-solid self-defence moves and a toned body, you will also experience a whole host of added benefits. Check them out below:

  • A sense of community at Adapt CKD
  • Improved self-confidence and self-discipline
  • Improved balance, speed, and flexibility
  • Decrease in stress
  • Increased energy and stamina

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Our 121 training Classes Are Located In

  • Tudor Drive Library Hall
  • Tiffin Girls School - Richmond Road
  • David Lloyd Kingston In The Rotunda Centre

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