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Kingston Martial Arts Reviews

  • Elliot, 12, Adapt Choi Kwang Do Testimonials

    Its difficult to put into words what Choi means and how it impacts in my life.

    Choi has been a huge part of my life for over 4yrs now and I look forward to classes every week.
    Choi has taught me to be more confident,more focused and determined to be the best I can be, this has had a positive effect  on all aspects of my life. Being part of the Special Team of Role Models (S.T.O.R.M) has boosted my confidence and encouraged me  to learn , develop and progress in my everyday life. 

    Anyone can take part and get the most out of the classes and every one can achieve and improve their own personal fitness, health and lifestyle.

    I would recommend every one to give it a try despite age or ability.

    Elliot, 12
  • Carrie D., Adapt Choi Kwang Do Testimonials

    As soon as I started training,I began to understand what an impact Choi kwang do was having on my life.

    Its like a family, not in the genetic sense but in the sense that your are surrounded by people who share the same passion, and desire to achieve and improve their personal wellbeing.
    At Adapt ckd, that's exactly the experience you get.
    The principles taught are paramount and began taking over my life,changing my outlook  to life. The skills and techniques taught stood me in good stead to deal with every challenge that came my way.

    I quickly realised that I was only competing with myself and that empowered me to make way through the belt ranks and achieve my black belt status. That sense of pride spurs you in to want to go further and learn more.

    Choi kwang do rapidly became not just a hobby but a way of life.

    "Excellence is an art won by training and habituation,we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence,then, is not an act but a habit".........ARISTOTLE

    Carrie D.
  • The Littler Family, Adapt Choi Kwang Do Testimonials

    We have two boys aged 9yrs and 6yrs old they both joined Choi Kwang Do in late 2015, the boys love it and have made the commitment to getting their Black belts. It has provided them with self confidence and the ability to protect themselves in any situation that may arise. Mr Pickett and Miss Patel are both amazing instructors and so are the other people that help out every week.

    It is such a great environment for kids and adults to learn a new skills and make new friends.

    We love being part of the Choi Kwang Do family at Adapt CKD.

    The Littler Family
  • The Songhurst Family, Adapt Choi Kwang Do Testimonials

    We joined Adapt CKD as a family about a year an a half ago. We all joined for different reasons:

    To gain an insight into both the martial art and the culture behind it - Emma Songhurst

    To learn self defence and gain life confidence - Toby Songhurst

    For family bonding and to be able to share an experience with my family that we can all learn from and enjoy no matter our age - Andy Songhurst

    We have also gained a large social network and and some really close friends.

    We have found choi very addictive and have been lucky enough to be given the opportunity to become assistant instructors to further our development in both the martial art and life skills and also to assist others.

    A big thank you to Miss Patel and Mr Pickett for bringing Choi Kwang Do and all that it brings into our lives.

    The Songhurst Family
  • Steven C. , Adapt Choi Kwang Do Testimonials

    Friendly, welcoming and experienced instructors, If you are looking for a great environment to learn and train in the fastest growing martial art in the world...look no further than Adapt CKD.

    Steven C.
  • Marta A., Adapt Choi Kwang Do Testimonials

    Just finished first class! Perfect example of a class where you are smiling, sweating and learning. Just one concern... 1hour is not enough!!

    Marta A.
  • Sabeen G. , Adapt Choi Kwang Do Testimonials

    Brilliant instruction! Fun for all the family and beginners are made to feel welcome. Five stars!

    Sabeen G.
  • Giorgio G. , Adapt Choi Kwang Do Testimonials

    Excellent instructors, particularly with children.

    Giorgio G.

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